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KSK Power Ventur plc is engaged in a global business with focus on power generation and associated business worldwide. With a project portfolio of more than 10 GW of power generating assets in India, the Group currently focused to India and is all set to be among the top power producing companies in India. The Group is well positioned with long-term fuel access to its various power plants and its power projects are spread across various phases of- in operation, under construction and under planning.

KSK Group is founded by Mr. S. Kishore and Mr. K. A. Sastry, who had a decade of prior financial and utility consulting experience before starting business of developing power projects in India since 1998. The Group was setup to exploit emerging opportunities in the Indian power sector and have since focused to their strategy on the private sector power development market, undertaking entire gamut of development, investment, construction, operation and maintenance of power plants with supplies initially to heavy industrials operating in India and now branching out to cater to the needs of utilities and others in the wider Indian power sector.


  • Power Generation

      The Indian listed subsidiary, KSK Energy Ventures Limited holds all generation assets - current interests in various operational/Commissioning power plants capable of generating 1472 MW of power, and is currently involved in constructing 3,720 MW Power plants in addition to developing or planning of power projects capable of generating an aggregate of 6,000+ MW of power when fully developed. The power from these plants is sold or will be sold under a combination of long-term, medium-term and short-term power purchase agreements ("PPAs") to industrial and state-owned consumers as per specific location and nature of the asset.

  • Mineral Resources & Other Services

      KSK Mineral Resources, an indirect subsidiary of KSK plc houses all mineral interests of the Group that intend to facilitate long term fuel access i.e. coal supplies to various power plants of the Group. It also has plans to diversify into other minerals and emerge as major player in mineral business, in the long term. KSK Energy Company along with mineral business carrying under its subsidiary KSK Mineral Resources is also involved in pursuit of other business opportunities that are peripheral or ancillary to the generation business being pursued by KSK Energy Ventures.

  • Renewables

      KSK Green Energy Pte Limited, an indirect subsidiary of KSK plc houses all the renewable initiatives of the Group, primarily wind energy projects across Asia. The Group strategy involves tapping into these generation sources using the optimal technology and tie up sales arrangements that seek to unbundling renewable power generation into pure energy plus REC ( with separate price discovery mechanism for each) and address nationwide market for renewable energy

  • Asset Management

      KSK Asset Management Services Private Limited seeks to act as an investment manager to third party funds for investments in energy businesses. This business is more strategic in role and expected to support the various business initiatives of the Group and leverage the same for large global institutional investors.