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'Power from knowledge' is not a catchy slogan designed to adorn the logo of our company. It is a deep felt belief, which stimulated the founding partners of the Company to venture into areas far different from the traditional accounting and audit practice, which they were pursuing in the beginning of their careers. Every assignment they did was looked upon as an opportunity to acquire new knowledge. Such knowledge was not just stored away in their minds, but they analysed and assimilated the knowledge with a view to do something new.

I recall three major stages of growth of KSK to be what it is today based primarily on knowledge.

The first stage came out of an assignment related to helping a unique private public joint venture in the power sector to set up a gas based power plant. The knowledge that they acquired on this venture prompted them to become a “Consulting Company” to assist individuals and institutions to develop and implement power plants using innovative technology and financial structuring. The consultancy work was quite prosperous but the company chose to use the knowledge gained in setting up small power plants to become power plant developer and operators, themselves.

The second stage started with the company setting up a plant of their own using the most appropriate technology to overcome the problems of utilizing isolated small gas deposits and trying out unique marketing arrangements that are not dependent on long term contracts with utilities. The Company designed and implemented the arrangements for selling power directly to large consumers by which the security of payments was assured. The Company became a champion of the concept of merchant power plants. However, their attempts to get major players in financing power and infrastructure projects interested in investing in merchant power plants drew only negative response based on the traditional view that a power plant dependent on the grid for transmission has to be based on long term contracts only. The company explored capital markets where the concept of merchant power plants, which are not tied to utilities with poor financial strengths would be well appreciated. The company anticipated that assurance of reliable fuel supply would be a prerequisite for the market appreciation of our merchant plant approach. The Company again had recourse to knowledge to explore ways of overcoming the fuel supply problems and entered into strategic collaboration with mining companies and helped them take up new coal deposits for development.

The third stage emerged, when the Company went to the London Stock Exchange. There the Company studied diligently how it operated and successfully promoted KSK Power Ventur plc as the first Power Project Development and Investment Company with Indian assets to be listed on the Alternate Investment Market (AIM) of London Stock Exchange.

Further in 2008, the company successfully completed an Initial Public Offer of Equity shares of KSK Energy Ventures Limited (KSKEVL), the downstream subsidiary of KSK Power Ventur plc in the Indian markets. Currently KSKEVL trades on National Stock Exchange (NSE) / Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE).

The next biggest and significant achievement being admission of company's shares to the Standard list and for trading on the main market of the London Stock Exchange for listed securities.

The Company like a magnificent tree has reached a stage of growth when the roots are well settled and it has to branch out and is now taking up hydro electrical and wind power projects.

KSK depends on knowledge for growth and team work and loyal support of their executives and employees for implementation. Here again, knowledge based innovations have been introduced to reduce the construction time and eliminate the uncertainties of fuel supply and power sales. KSK is ever reaching out to grow and serve. Join in this exhilarating voyage with enthusiasm. I wish all technical, administrative and managerial personnel associated with KSK would become part of a learning community, which tries to gain knowledge from all sources and apply that knowledge for the good of the Company and the country.