My Art Book of Love par Shana Gozansky

My Art Book of Love par Shana Gozansky

Titre de livre: My Art Book of Love

Auteur: Shana Gozansky

Broché: 48 pages

Date de sortie: October 8, 2018

ISBN: 0714877182

Éditeur: Phaidon Press

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Shana Gozansky avec My Art Book of Love

A tender and wise ode to love, illustrated with an expertly curated selection of fine art for young children

Art, like anything else, is only as meaningful and interesting as it is relatable. For toddlers and preschoolers, connecting their own experiences of love to those they see on the canvas allows them to truly engage with the material. 35 full-page artworks feature love in all its forms, accompanied by a brief and gentle read-aloud text. Each artwork's title and artist's name are included as secondary read-aloud text, for true integration of narrative and information. This stylishly compact art book is this first title in the My Art Book series, which suits lovey and artsy families alike!

Ages 2-4