Play Disney Songs Hautbois +CD par Jaap Kastelein

Play Disney Songs Hautbois +CD par Jaap Kastelein

Titre de livre: Play Disney Songs Hautbois +CD

Auteur: Jaap Kastelein

Date de sortie: January 1, 2013

ISBN: 9043140937

Éditeur: Hal Léonard

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Jaap Kastelein avec Play Disney Songs Hautbois +CD

Lots of people have asked me to create a collection of famous Disney songs, so I've had great fun putting together a book I'm sure you're going to love. There are tunes from early Mickey Mouse cartoons, famous songs that everyone knows, and music from recent films, too.This book progresses from simpler tunes (like the level of lesson 14 in Look Listen & Learn, vol. 1) to more chall).