Toys for Chefs par Patrice Farameh

Toys for Chefs par Patrice Farameh

Titre de livre: Toys for Chefs

Auteur: Patrice Farameh

Broché: 431 pages

Date de sortie: October 15, 2010

ISBN: 907976146X

Éditeur: Tectum

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Patrice Farameh avec Toys for Chefs

If the materials make the artist, then the right cooking toys can make the chef. Beyond the simple act of preparing food, cooking for others is a journey of personal creation that expresses one's own individualism through an edible art form. Chefs are as passionate about using the best tools for their craft as they are about the perfect ingredients used in their cuisine. Patrice Farameh is a New York-based journalist who specialises in design, architecture and luxury lifestyle topics for print and TV.