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Sustainability is an essential ingredient of KSK's Business policy, be it on the primary energy business or initiatives of social responsibility and community leadership. Intrinsic to the Group's growth plan is the initial objective of effectively contributing to the communities where we construct and operate our assets with a longer term outlook to build environmentally sustainable way of life for our various stakeholders at large. Also, the management team recognizes the need for balancing business growth needs that address the vital energy needs in India and need to reduce carbon emissions and pursue sustainable business pursuits.

In addition to larger corporate initiatives, it has been a guiding principle that the Group's CSR initiatives are often embedded into every of specific projects pursued with all responsibility of identification, resource allocation, implementation and monitoring resting with the respective Project head. A Village Development Advisory Committee is often formed with the Project head steering such initiatives. It has been the Group's experience that these efforts undertaken in close consultation with administration officials (such as local agriculture officials, horticulture officials, education and employment officials) along with the participation of the beneficiaries greatly enhances the effectiveness and sustainability of the various initiatives undertaken

The Group's CSR initiatives currently are built around the five major facets of

• Education & Training: CSR policy, objectives and performance will be communicated openly to our consumers, shareholders, employees, local community and society at large

• Health & Family Welfare: Periodic rural health camps, medical camps, mobile hospital, immunization camps, leprosy Reconstructive Surgical Camps & eye Operation Camps and provision of ambulance for connectivity.

• Sustainable Development: Organizing plantation activities at community level for social forestry, Pond cleaning & deepening effort, Animal Husbandry, Facilitating meeting with Self Help Groups for various self employment and development schemes.

• Social Infrastructure: Public amenities, construction of local roads, partial funding of the road works, installation of solar street lights, installation of hand pumps in villages for providing safe drinking water, construction of community buildings, sanitation facilities and Bus stops.

• Contributions and Support :
Additionally, the Group has actively engaged to proactively promote the public interest by encouraging community growth and development and voluntarily support initiatives of wider Community Leadership through promotional campaigns of their inspirational work in visual and electronic media.